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2020 Vision

2020 Blog Journey

The year 2020 is here. A new decade is upon us. And now what? Ok, this is the year to make it happen! Here and now. This is the time to go big, because most of us are still at home. I am enlivening all aspects of life around me. From a brand new website! to fresh cooking classes inspired by my India trip. Kundalini yoga classes will be held shortly after meditations on Sundays to maintain inspiration and devotion*. I am going Big! The stack of yoga books are growing that keep me inspired to keep up on this journey. Winter fosters much inner growth and plan making to unleash in the seasons to come. It is so conducive for meditation and contemplation with the short brisk days making you want to snuggle up in a blanket with a cup of chai.

* Oh no! she said devotion. Devotion to what?! Start with a devotion to yourself. We cannot love anyone or anything without loving ourselves first. In this devotion, we are making plans and sticking to them, honoring our sacred contracts. Now is the time! What have you been postponing or putting on the shelf for, “When I’m have enough money or am happy I will…?”
Well, I went to India! So I’m not taking any excuses;) Anything goes right now. Dive in!

What has been on your list? What lingering thought is ready to come alive?
Let me know what you’re activating on in 2020!

Peace, Sat Nam