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Young Yogis & Honeybee Breath, Bhramari

Over the summer I had the joy to teach yoga to a summer camp. From ages 4-8, they all slowly came to look forward to “Yoga Day!” It was amazing to watch them explore movement with their bodies. I learned quickly that I had to keep the ball rolling and fast! They were eager to…
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Kriya Yoga along the Ganges

Why I love Kundalini Yoga!

Lotte (the yoga nomad) and I practicing along the Ganges There is no exception. After every kundalini yoga practice, I turn to the first person I see, usually my daughter, and say, “I just did the wildest thing!” It is the combination of breathing, postures, chanting/mantra, and meditation, (the usual kundalini yoga set) that brings…
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2020 Blog Journey

2020 Vision

The year 2020 is here. A new decade is upon us. And now what? Ok, this is the year to make it happen! Here and now. This is the time to go big, because most of us are still at home. I am enlivening all aspects of life around me. From a brand new website!…
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