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February Tarot Insights

Three Card Tarot Spread with Rider Waite Tarot Deck

February Card of the Month:

Four of Cups Reversed…

I laughed as a flipped over this card.  I see the 4 of cups reversed speaking to everything I have been communicating through this website, the classes and my service. Now that the year has now set a pace into the new year, how are we doing?  This card is to remind us to keep the vision or grasp hold of a new one!  It is a call to stay focused on what we want to expand upon and develop.  This card shows us to look around us for new opportunities and to come with an enthusiasm toward new possibilities.  Right-side up there is some apathy or not recognizing the gifts that are abound.  Reversed is saying to activate on all that is presenting itself to you now. 


How Card of the Month works.
I will pull a card with the intention that those who read these insights find valuable wisdom.  The insights will hold true in different intensities and degrees depending on various situations.

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