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Kundalini Yoga Classes

Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness. It is a portal into yourself exploration.

Kundalini yoga includes asana (physical postures), meditations, pranayam (science of breath), chanting and mantra (repeating a sacred sound), and mudra (hand gestures).
These tools form the technology that can help us transform on a cellular level. (If your inclined to read on how science is backing up the results from Kundalini Yoga, you can start here.) From just needing a pick me up in the middle of the day, to major life shifts that can happen over a longer time commitment, this yoga fits into anyone’s life. Every body can start at any time; no experience required. Fifty percent is just showing up!
This is why I love kundalini yoga!

You start where you are and…

“If you need to stop, you stop. But just like life itself, you start again.” Gurmukh

Kundalini Yoga Classes on Zoom

Tuesdays at 7:45-9:15am EST
Thursdays at 6-7pm EST

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