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March Tarot Insights

The World Card Reversed

When I pulled this card, I did not know how to relate this as a insight. Now it is coming clearer as a hindsight, of course. The world card upside down in general means being out of sync with the world around you. One is not dancing with life but feels constrained, slowed or stopped by it. The world still turns, but our inability to hear the music doesn’t mean we stop dancing.

Now that our world has literally turned upside-down, this card is spot on! We now have the opportunity to either let the music guide us passively or take advantage of the new opportunities that are arising.

We are living in times like never before. The whole world has comes together for self preservation. It finally hit us that we are that vulnerable and our actions matter.
Our world never felt smalller.

I am hopeful that amazing transitions are underfoot. Ideas and projects that would have been ignored, now have a footing for us to make the changes needed to heal.
Ourselves, our families, communities and the planet.

“Go Big, because I’m home!” has been my saying since being back from India,
Now we can all say that.

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