7120 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park, MD 20912

Breakfast Buffet! May 10th, 6pm

Breakfast Buffet! May 10th, 6pm


Vegan Cooking Class

Cooking Class $65, students/elders $55, couples $120 (non-refundable)

7120 Carroll Ave
Takoma Park, Maryland 20912

May 10th, Wednesday at 6pm
Breakfast Buffet!
Carrot Cake Pancakes w/ Coconut-Maple Syrup
Blueberry-Pecan Baked Oatmeal
Chickpea-Quinoa Onion Frittata
Savory Sundried Tomato Granola
Morning Ginger Miso Millet

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Vegan cooking classes in DC areaThe food we eat helps fuel our day. There is a growing awareness about healthier eating, but what exactly does that mean? It can be as small as drinking more water instead of soda or grabbing fruit instead of a candy bar. In accordance with Dr. Amen at the Wisdom Path Healing Center, we follow and advise a plant-based diet. Eating lower on the food chain as well as choosing local and seasonal foods, all make a great impact on our health with fewer repercussions on the planet.

Our diet is the greatest way we make a statement that reflects our values.  Countless unseen moving parts are contributing to how the spinach from California or the kiwi from New Zealand made their way into our bowls.  We go beyond ‘plant-based’ eating, living our concern for the environment, growing our own food, and showing support for our local farmers and growers.

Now in the kitchen where the work begins, there is a cornucopia of options for us to choose from! Beautiful beans, satisfying grains, and the rainbow of vegetables that range throughout the growing season adorn our plants in a delight to the senses and stomach!

All cooking classes are vegan, no animal products such as meats, dairy, or eggs, and are hands-on! We all start by going over a typed menu and assigning food preparations. Participants have an opportunity to partake in the various jobs in the kitchen so they will know what to do when they go home to recreate the meal. The menu consists of 3 dishes and a dessert. Most classes are gluten-free and we can cater to different food allergies upon request.

Speaking from experience…

Yesterday I, (Mergoddess) had the most amazing experience at Wisdom Path Healing Center. I attended the festive fall vegan cooking class. We had 10 people in the class. The class started in the meditation room where we all gathered to go over the recipes we would be making. I love the energy of their space. It made me feel right at home. A community ready to work together to prepare fuel for our bodies. We set the intention to only talk about the food. Insuring good energy was put into the food we were about to eat. Once we understood the recipes each person would choose what they wanted to make. Captain America would tackle the pizza crust and I would take on the garlic zucchini that would top the pizza. One of the other lovely woman would make the pizza sauce and pumpkin seed topping. Two people prepared the kale salad, two people prepared the adzuki bean soup, two for the raspberry pomegranate cheezecake and everyone pitched in for the dishes. Once we all finished cooking we said a silent blessing. We then started with a piece of pizza and kale salad, once we finished then we had a bowl of bean soup. Everything was super tasty and gave me energy. Once we finished the food we then had the raspberry pomegranate cheezecake. It was so delicious. I loved the feeling of preparing the food with the community then eating together after. They are offering more classes next month. Can’t wait to experience this again with different food and different people bonding in community.

Cooking Class $65, students/elders $55, couples $120

Private group classes are available.  Have a group or family of 4 or more?

Please contact for more information.


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Cooking Class Fees

One person – $65, Students and Elders – $55, One Couple – $120


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