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Tarot Readings

Tarot cards are an intuitive glimpse into seeing things as they are at that moment. They shine direct insight into the energies at play in situations or relationships 
Tarot cards have taught me to trust my intuition.  We all have it, we just don’t trust it.  Intuition reveals itself in the small things.  When you have the thought, “I should make more soup,” and then your friend happens to stop by during lunch time. These hits do not have to be ground-shaking.  It is listening to the still small voice within all of us. 
These mysterious cards have been by my bedside for over seven years. 

The spread we will be using will depend on the question and how best to read the cards.  


3 card spread:  $30/ 30 minutes
Peer into life from a higher perspective.

12 card year spread for a per month overview:  $80
 Understand the song that is pulsating throughout each month.  Learn how to sing along.


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