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Young Yogis & Honeybee Breath, Bhramari

Over the summer I had the joy to teach yoga to a summer camp. From ages 4-8, they all slowly came to look forward to “Yoga Day!” It was amazing to watch them explore movement with their bodies. I learned quickly that I had to keep the ball rolling and fast! They were eager to show what they knew and they were all quick to be the helper for each yoga pose. Yoga builds confidence in all of us, young and older;)
I was surprised how they all loved bhramari, honeybee breath. Bhramari breath is beautifully calming and so easy to learn. Sitting in a comforable posture, spine tall, inhale and on the exhale gentle hum. Extend the exhale until you naturally stop. Repeat in counts of 3, 5, 7, 9…or for minutes at a time. It relaxes the body and mind, bringing blood pressure down and prepares for a restful night’s sleep while bringing one into a peaceful vibration.
Try bhramari while waiting in line, during a moment of tension, or before eating as a way to center yourself. Try it!

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