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It was the morning I didn’t have coffee, but I was full of energy and mental clarity. Only thing different was the Kundalini Yoga class I had with Na’Amana from Nourishing the Sacred Fire in Takoma Park. As a devoted practitioner of the internal art Xingyiquan and calisthenics, I am used to exercise and body movement, but this was different. It involved using my breath and chanting/singing or just humming along to these songs she played in the background. At the same time challenging the physical strength I “thought” I already had. Noticable things started happening as I continued going to Na’Amana’s classes. My mind is not crowded like it was before I started Kundalini Yoga. No more constant passing thoughts entered my mind. Everything started to be clear. And my XingYi practice has improved with certain forms that involve using my shoulders and balance. I can’t stop now as I have made Kundalini Yoga apart of my daily being.


After 18 years of taking Na’Amana’s cooking classes, I’m torn which aspect to rave about. I love her food creations (delicious) and her classes (fun, enlightening, inspiring, festive, varied and warm) but my favorite aspect may be how we leave class with a foundation of how to use her recipes, but to have the confidence and flexibility to tweak them per our own tastes and per whatever potential ingredients we have at home or that match the changing seasons and appetites.



I was very anxious for my future prospects and sometimes very desperate, however, I’m now hopeful and also prepared to face the problems whenever they emerge. I’m quite satisfied with your readings on Tarot Cards. Everything was “JUST RIGHT” You took common courtesy to an uncommon level. Words are powerless to express my gratitude. 


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